Minutes of the School Council Meeting – Friday 29th January 2016

  • We split into groups and considered the qualities and characteristics needed to become a good School Councillor.  We had some great ideas and these are going to be put onto a poster to be displayed in school.  It is thought that this may be a help to all prospective School Councillors in the future.  We ll dne everybody!
  • Mr Tarry had some exciting news about the new school sports kit – Mr Richards is going to collect it this afternoon!  Travel Master have sponsored the football shirts so we have not have to pay as much as we thought.  We send our thanks to Mr and Mrs Master for their support and kindness.
  • We discussed our fundraising:
  • Year 5 have organised their Movie Day for next Friday (5th February).  We are looking forward to that.
  • Year 4 are combining their fundraising day with Sport Relief and will send the money raised from different sporting activities to this charity.
  • Competition ideas were again discussed.
  • Indoor play and Golden Time resources are looking very tired and pieces of the games are missing.  At our next meeting we are to decide the best way to replace the equipment.
  • We have been invited to participate in the Trafford ‘Let’s Talk Primary’ conference.  Mrs Massey will find out all the details for the next meeting.
  • Mr Tarry took our ideas for lunchtime clubs and will discuss them with the Sports Ambassadors.

Date of next meeting:  Friday 12th February 2016 12.30pm.

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Minutes of the School Council meeting – Friday 8th January 2016

  • Mrs Massey wished everyone a Happy New Year!
  • The new equipment for the Fitness Trail will be installed during the week of 8th February.  Hurrah!
  • We have received ‘Thank you’ letters from the charities who received donations from us.  We need to consider which charities we are going to support this year.  Mrs Stallman has some suggestions and will be invited to a Council meeting in the near future.
  • Councillors are to devise a list of the equipment children would like for indoor or outdoor lunchtime play times.  This could be new equipment or it could be replacements for equipment we already have.
  • For the next meeting:  Councillors are to bring a list of three things they consider a School Councillor should be e.g. a good listener

Date of the next meeting:  Friday 22nd January 2016 at 12.30pm.

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Minutes of the School Council Meeting – Thursday 10th December 2015

  • Amy and Danyal explained about their meeting with James from Fawns.  We are going to have two new pieces of equipment for the Fitness Trail.  Some money will be coming from School Fund but the Council decided that they would like to add to this amount so that we can have the equipment we really want.  James is going to prepare a quote for us by Monday.  The ideas will then be shown to the rest of the school.
  • Six cheques have been sent to six different charities: RSPCA, Save the Children UK, Cardiac Risk in the Young, Cancer Research UK, Christian Aid and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.  Each charity received £100.  Well done, everybody.


Date of the next meeting:  Friday 8th January 2106

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Minutes of the School Council meeting – Wednesday 25th November

The Sports Ambassadors came to the meeting to discuss several things with the Council members:

  • Additions to the Fitness trail – this has already been discussed at the Council meeting and a representative from Fawns (the company which installed the Fitness trail) will be in school before Christmas
  • Lunchtime sports clubs – we are aware that some children find it difficult to stay for after-school clubs for a number of reasons.  The lunchtime Change for Life club is very popular and all children participate, but it is hoped that other clubs may be organised during the lunch break.  Mr. Tarry is to look into this.
  • Discussions took place about improving the lunchtime equipment for both indoor and outdoor playtimes.  Councillors are to speak to their classes so that we can list the things we need to help to make our lunchtimes even more enjoyable.

Date of the next meeting:  Thursday 10th December 2015

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Minutes of the School Council Meeting Tuesday 3rd November 2015

We discussed the possibilities for the additions to the Fitness Trail.  The councillors voted, on behalf of their classes, for monkey bars and new stepping stones.  Mrs Massey will now contact the company to see how much this will cost.

Mollie and Zain are to speak to Mrs Threlfall to see if there are any spare noughts and crosses so that the playground markings can be used.  If there are no spare noughts and crosses in school, we need to ask if some can be bought.

It was also suggested by several council members that additional playground markings are needed (additional hopscotch, another maze and a larger ‘Snakes and Ladders’).

Ideas were also suggested for pretend microphones and buzzers (like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’!) for the stage.  These ideas are to be presented to Mrs Stallman.

We had lots of ideas for a competition that could be organised by the Council:

  • Design your own playground
  • Design a School Council mascot
  • A  modelling competition from recycled materials
  • A School Council poem
  • A School Council motto

More discussion on these will take place at the next meeting when a decision will be made.

Other great ideas, such as arranging visits from famous and inspirational sports people and designing an Olympic Torch, were passed to Mr Tarry for the Sports Ambassadors to consider.

Mrs Massey explained that she wants to send a homework questionnaire to parents and carers.  Ideas for questions were suggested and Mrs Massey will present the proposed questionnaire to the council at the next meeting.


Date of the next meeting:  Wednesday 18th November 2015 12.30

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School Council meeting Wednesday 14th October 2015

The council members brought their choices of charities.  They are:

  • Christian Aid
  • Manchester Children’s Hospital
  • CRY (cardiac risk in the young)
  • Save the Children
  • Cancer Research

Each of the charities will receive a cheque and a letter explaining how the money was raised.  Well done, everybody!

The Sponsored Jog was a great success and lots of parents came along to support the runners.  Thank you!  Council members were asked to encourage their classes to bring in their sponsor money.  The money raised is to purchase one or two new pieces of equipment for the Fitness Trail.  Councillors brought the suggestions from their classes.  A vote will be held at the next meeting.  Mrs. Massey is to contact the company when we know how much money we have to spend.

Various other things were discussed.

We have some ideas which need following up:

  • Ideas for a competition to be organised by the Council
  • Improvement to the ball shoot so that the balls don’t stick in it
  • Plastic noughts and crosses for the playground
  • Wall decorations for the playground

Date of the next meeting: TUESDAY 3rd November




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SCHOOL COUNCIL 2015 – 2016

The new School Council met for the first time on Wednesday 30th September.

Mrs Massey welcomed the new councillors and congratulated them on their appointment.

The new councillors are: Zayne and Poppy (3F); James and Aasiyah (3RG); Mika and Talha (4L); Maryam and Nebi ( 4T); Fahad and Karam ( 5H); Amy and Danyal (5M); Molly and Zain (6B); Smawar and Millie (6R)

Mrs Massey also welcomed Mr Tarry who is going to attend our School Council meetings.

  • We have our charity money in our bank account and we need to write the cheques to send our donations.  Mrs Massey would like the names of each year group’s chosen charity by Monday 5th October, please.
  • Next week is our Sponsored Jog (yippee!).  Councillors are to encourage everyone to return their sponsor forms. The money we raise will go towards another piece of equipment to extend our Fitness Trail.  Councillors are to ask their classmates what they would like to have added to the Fitness Trail.  Suggestions are to be brought to the next meeting.
  • We need to make a decision about the carving for the outdoor classroom. This will be discussed, and a decision will be made, at the next meeting.
  • Mrs Massey said that she was looking forward to meeting the parents and carers of the School Council members at the presentation assembly on Friday.

Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 14th October 12.30pm

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School Council meeting minutes Wednesday 8th July 2015

  • The Sports Ambassadors had a very successful meeting with the Governors.  The Governors approved the purchase of: 38 sports kits (shirts, shorts and socks); 2 Goalkeeper kits; 40 running vests.  The vests and the shirts will have the Moss Park Junior School logo on them.  Well done to the Sports Ambassadors!
  • We have had a quote for the sculpture for the back quad from Tim Burgess, who has been recommended to us.  For a sculpture about 4 feet high, it will cost about £400.  Mrs. Massey is to contact Tim with the ideas for our design.
  • Callum has spoken to Mr. Ferns about the basketball net and the way in which the ball keeps getting stuck in it.  Mr. Ferns will address the problem during the school summer holidays.
  • There are some problems with the class toy bags.  Mrs. Threlfall is not happy about the lost equipment and how the bags are being used.  Mrs. Massey suggested that next year the bags should be checked every week by members of the School Council or the Sports Ambassadors so that the equipment issue can be monitored.  This will mean that a list of all the equipment that is supposed to be in the bag is provided in September.
  • Mrs. Massey asked the members of the Council to consider their (very busy) year as a School Councillor.  She asked them to bring ideas to the next meeting of how the role could be changed or improved for next year.

Date of the next (and last!) meeting:  Monday 20th July 2015

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School Council minutes Monday 22nd June 2015

  • Representatives from the Sports Ambassadors are to attend the Governors’ meeting this evening to ask for funding for a new school sports kit.  The amount they are asking for is £1143.80.  This should buy 40 complete sports kits and 40 running vests.  The running vests and sports tops will all have the Moss Park Junior School logo on them.  We wish the Sports Ambassadors good luck!
  • We all enjoyed the Year 5 fundraising day.  We are waiting to find out how much money was raised for our chosen charities.  Year 4’s Cake Sale takes place on Friday and the Victorian Fair, organised by Year 6, will be held on Friday 10th July.
  • The netball / basket ball nets for upper school are still not bing used at playtimes.  Callum is to speak to Mr. Ferns about this.  We need the nets putting out in a morning and bringing in at the end of the day.
  • A discussion took place about the class toy bags.  Some toy bags seem to be missing and some year groups are sharing one ball.  Yasser will speak to Mrs. Threlfall about the situation and report back to the council.
  • Some classes have already enjoyed using our outdoor classroom.  Mrs. Massey is to remind all teachers to timetable some sessions in the outdoor classroom during the next few weeks.
  • Comments were made that the large climbing frame in the hall is not used very often.  At the moment, most of our P.E. sessions take place outside.  Mrs. Massey will speak to teachers and our P.E. providers to see what can be done about this.
  • Date of next meeting: Wednesday 8th July

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School Council minutes Monday 8th June 2015

  • Maisy has a number for someone who may be able to help us with the carving for the back quad.  Mrs. Massey and Maisy will contact both the people we now know about before the next meeting.
  • Members of the Council wanted to know how much was raised by Year 3 for their fundraising.  Laura and Dominic made some enquiries and we know that the amount was £115.58.  Well done, Year 3!
  • Three further fundraising days are being planned and we are looking forward to Year 5’s cinema day which takes place next Thursday (18th June)
  • Lunchtimes are now working well as we are allowed to use the fitness trail and running track.  It has been agreed that the netball posts can be used at lunchtimes and Alesha is to speak to Mrs. Threlfall so that this can be arranged.
  • Discussions took place about the extension to the fitness trail: Year 3 would like more stepping stones; Year 4 would like more ropes and logs; Year 5 don’t like the ropes and logs (!) as they feel it takes too long to complete and it stops the ‘flow’ of the fitness trail; Year 6 would like ‘monkey bars’, a slide, a balance or an additional climbing wall.
  • Alesha showed the Council an example of a sweatshirt made by someone she knows and suggested that they could be used as leavers’ sweatshirts with the MPJS logo, Leavers 2015 and the child’s name on the back.  The cost would be about £16.  Alesha is to approach Mrs. Stallman to ask her opinion about the idea. Further information (about colour choices, sizes etc) is needed.  It was then suggested that a letter could be sent to the Year 6 parents to judge interest before we prepare an order.

Date of the next meeting: Monday 22nd June

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