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Moss Park’s Got Talent!

I was so pleased to read Miss Lieberman’s comments about the Talent Show. I’m sure that everyone had a fun-filled afternoon either participating in or watching the fantastic acts. Well done, to you all!

Mrs Massey

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Talent Show Finale 2017!

Well done to all of our acts who performed in our finale today as well as those who performed in our two heats. It’s safe to say that Moss Park definitely has talent!

Hope you all have a lovely, safe and happy half term!


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Red Nose Day!

We wanted to thank you for taking part in our Red Nose Day Celebrations last Friday.

Through your very generous donations and the money we raised from the cake sale we are able to donate ¬£300.06 to Comic Relief! Well done Moss Park Juniors! ūüôā

In the Celebration Assembly this Friday we will also be announcing the winners of the Design Your Own Nose Competition – 2 winners per class, showing the video of the best Upper School dance and best Lower School dance, as voted for by you, and telling you which teacher won our best-dressed teacher off!

Thank you again for your support, we hope you enjoyed your cakes!

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Christmas Stamp Design Competition 2017

Get ready for Christmas!

The school council are running a competition that is being organised by The Royal Mail.

The competition is to design a stamp to be sold at Christmas time this year.

Your entry must be hand drawn, although computer packages (not using clip-art) are ok. There has to be lots of colour, though please don’t use high-lighters, and your design must be flat (no texture). Take up the whole square when you are creating your design but do make sure the main feature of your design is right in the centre. Make sure your adult signs the entry form.

As well as this being a national competition, we are going to have a school winner as well.

Entries must be in by Wednesday 1st March.

If you have any questions about this competition, find your School Councillor who will be happy to help!

Get drawing and good luck!

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Thank You!

Thank you to the hard work that our School Councillors have already done this year.

So far they have helped to organise the Sponsored Jog, Crazy Hair and Trendy Trainers Day for Children in Need and¬†Christmas Jumper Day. They also delivered all of your Christmas Cards! They’ve even been asking you what clubs you’d like to¬†take part in¬†as well as having a meeting with Mrs Nunwick where she asked them about what else she could do to help you learn and enjoy our school even more!

We have lots more exciting things coming up, but if you have any ideas, don’t forget to get in touch with your School Councillors so they can pass it on to us at the meeting.

Enjoy your half-term holiday!


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Minutes of the School Council meeting – Friday 20th May 2016

  • We looked at the new wet play and wet lunchtime activity boxes.¬† They look very exciting!

It was decided that the councillors would arrange with their class teachers to look at the contents of the boxes to see if anything needs to be swapped from one box to the other.

  • Following a very sensible discussion, we decided that we would only run one competition this year.¬†

This would be the ‘Design a School Council logo’ competition.¬† It was decided that there would be two prizes per year group (probably sketch books and stationery sets).¬† The council members are to design posters giving information about the competition which should be given to Mrs Massey by Wednesday 25th May.¬† The competition will be advertised next week and the closing date for entries will be 24th June 2016 when the council will judge the entries.

Date of the next meeting:  Friday 24th June 12.30pm


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Minutes of the School Council meeting – Friday 13th May 2016

  • Mrs Massey informed the councillors that new equipment for the playground is currently being ordered.
  • We are having problems with colour coding the equipment, especially the balls, as our supplier only has certain colours.¬† Further investigations into other suppliers are to be done.
  • What do we need in our playground boxes?
  • Suggestions: dice; counters; hopscotch equipment; noughts and crosses; mini golf
  • Would it be possible to have Snakes and Ladders for the Upper School playground?
  • Mrs Massey is to ask Mrs Threlfall to provide a list of all the equipment she is buying.
  • The cricket issue seems to have resolved itself as we are able to use the field during the dry weather.¬† Decisions about the cricket will need to be made in September.
  • It was generally felt that the Golden Time boxes need reviewing and replenishing.
  • We need to ask Mr Tarry if the weekly equipment audit has started.
  • Questions were raised about the space where the wooden train used to be.¬† Mrs Massey informed the councillors that there is the possibility that two new pieces¬†for the Fitness Trail may be added.
  • Two competitions were discussed.¬† One to design a¬†School Council logo for the display board and another to design an ideal classroom.¬† Ideas for posters are to be brought to next week’s meeting when prizes will also be discussed.

Date of the next meeting:  Friday 20th May 12.30pm

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Minutes of the School Council Meeting held on Friday 18th March 2016

We welcomed the Sports Ambassadors to our meeting.

  • A brief feedback was given about the ‘Let’s Talk Primary’ conference which took place at the Life Centre on Friday 11th March.¬† Seven Council members (Amy, Zain, Aasiyah, Maryam, Karam, Smawar and Poppy) attended with Mrs Massey.¬† We found it very interesting and enjoyable – and it gave us lots to think about.¬† The conference focussed on facilities available to young people in Trafford and we were also asked what could be developed to improve things for young people to do.¬† Mrs Massey thanked the representatives from the council who attended.¬† As usual, their behaviour and involvement was fantastic!


  • The Sports Ambassadors told the School Councillors about their audit of¬†equipment available for¬†morning break times and then a long discussion took place about what people would like to see at break time and what equipment would be needed.¬† Some suggestions were:
  • More equipment needs to be purchased
  • Equipment should be colour-coded for each class or year group
  • The equipment should be checked every Friday to assess lost or damaged equipment
  • Two boxes (one for¬†Years 3 and 4,¬†and one for Years 5 and 6) containing dice, markers etc to be taken out every break time
  • Should cricket be limited to three or four days a week as the cricket games take up a lot of space on the playground.
  • Mrs Massey will speak to Mrs Stallman and Mrs Threlfall about these issues, and ask them to attend a Council meeting to discuss the suggestions.


Date of the next meeting:  Friday 22nd April 12. 30pm




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Minutes of the School Council Meeting – Friday 26th February 2016

A long discussion took place about the resources and equipment we have for outdoor play times.

Mr Tarry informed the councillors that the Sports Ambassadors are to conduct an audit of the equipment next Wednesday to see what needs replacing and what we think we would like in our play bags.

The amount of space that the cricket games take up was thought to be an issue as was the constant loss of balls.  Could we have different coloured balls for each year group?

Lower school representatives asked if the Friendship Stop could be taken out on a regular basis.  Molly said that she would speak to the Breaktime Buddies about this.  Thank you, Molly.

The playground markings were also discussed and we acknowledged that we need some new equipment to enable us to play these games properly.

School Councillors are to ask their classes what is needed for indoor play boxes and Golden Time boxes and bring their ideas to the next meeting.

The competition has been postponed until after the ‘Let’s Talk Primary’ conference as there may be some ideas from this we could use.¬†

Date of the next meeting: Friday 18th March

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Minutes of the School Council meeting – Friday 12th February 2016

We went outside onto the playground to inspect¬† the new additions to the¬†Fitness Trail. The verdict is …………… we really like them and can’t wait until after the half term holiday to be allowed to use them!!

We discussed the ‘Let’s Talk Primary’ conference.¬† Mrs Massey has booked a table of eight for the conference.¬† One place will be taken by Mrs Massey and seven places will be taken by School Councillors.¬† We decided that¬†the fairest way to choose would be ‘names out of the hat’.¬† Assiyah, Zain, Smarwar, Karam, Maryam, Amy and Poppy will represent us at the conference on Friday March 11th.

We discussed the forthcoming ‘Sport Relief’ fundraising day (March 18th) which is to be organised by Year 4.¬† Mr Tarry assured us that further details wll be distributed after the holiday.

Date of next meeting:  Friday 26th February

Agenda items:

Compose a letter to Mrs Stallman regarding the playtime equipment

Organise the School Council competition

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