Minutes of the School Council meeting – Friday 13th May 2016

  • Mrs Massey informed the councillors that new equipment for the playground is currently being ordered.
  • We are having problems with colour coding the equipment, especially the balls, as our supplier only has certain colours.  Further investigations into other suppliers are to be done.
  • What do we need in our playground boxes?
  • Suggestions: dice; counters; hopscotch equipment; noughts and crosses; mini golf
  • Would it be possible to have Snakes and Ladders for the Upper School playground?
  • Mrs Massey is to ask Mrs Threlfall to provide a list of all the equipment she is buying.
  • The cricket issue seems to have resolved itself as we are able to use the field during the dry weather.  Decisions about the cricket will need to be made in September.
  • It was generally felt that the Golden Time boxes need reviewing and replenishing.
  • We need to ask Mr Tarry if the weekly equipment audit has started.
  • Questions were raised about the space where the wooden train used to be.  Mrs Massey informed the councillors that there is the possibility that two new pieces for the Fitness Trail may be added.
  • Two competitions were discussed.  One to design a School Council logo for the display board and another to design an ideal classroom.  Ideas for posters are to be brought to next week’s meeting when prizes will also be discussed.

Date of the next meeting:  Friday 20th May 12.30pm

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