Minutes of the School Council Meeting held on Friday 18th March 2016

We welcomed the Sports Ambassadors to our meeting.

  • A brief feedback was given about the ‘Let’s Talk Primary’ conference which took place at the Life Centre on Friday 11th March.  Seven Council members (Amy, Zain, Aasiyah, Maryam, Karam, Smawar and Poppy) attended with Mrs Massey.  We found it very interesting and enjoyable – and it gave us lots to think about.  The conference focussed on facilities available to young people in Trafford and we were also asked what could be developed to improve things for young people to do.  Mrs Massey thanked the representatives from the council who attended.  As usual, their behaviour and involvement was fantastic!


  • The Sports Ambassadors told the School Councillors about their audit of equipment available for morning break times and then a long discussion took place about what people would like to see at break time and what equipment would be needed.  Some suggestions were:
  • More equipment needs to be purchased
  • Equipment should be colour-coded for each class or year group
  • The equipment should be checked every Friday to assess lost or damaged equipment
  • Two boxes (one for Years 3 and 4, and one for Years 5 and 6) containing dice, markers etc to be taken out every break time
  • Should cricket be limited to three or four days a week as the cricket games take up a lot of space on the playground.
  • Mrs Massey will speak to Mrs Stallman and Mrs Threlfall about these issues, and ask them to attend a Council meeting to discuss the suggestions.


Date of the next meeting:  Friday 22nd April 12. 30pm




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