Minutes of the School Council Meeting – Friday 26th February 2016

A long discussion took place about the resources and equipment we have for outdoor play times.

Mr Tarry informed the councillors that the Sports Ambassadors are to conduct an audit of the equipment next Wednesday to see what needs replacing and what we think we would like in our play bags.

The amount of space that the cricket games take up was thought to be an issue as was the constant loss of balls.  Could we have different coloured balls for each year group?

Lower school representatives asked if the Friendship Stop could be taken out on a regular basis.  Molly said that she would speak to the Breaktime Buddies about this.  Thank you, Molly.

The playground markings were also discussed and we acknowledged that we need some new equipment to enable us to play these games properly.

School Councillors are to ask their classes what is needed for indoor play boxes and Golden Time boxes and bring their ideas to the next meeting.

The competition has been postponed until after the ‘Let’s Talk Primary’ conference as there may be some ideas from this we could use. 

Date of the next meeting: Friday 18th March

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